Video for more
attention conversion visibility

Create and share your video messages. Give your corporate communication a higher profile and an even more personal touch.

StoryBox is the key to asynchronous communication. An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Simple video creation

With StoryBox you create videos that are convincing, expressive and emotional – in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of StoryBox:

  • The strengths of video in an APP and web application
  • Embed videos anytime and share instantly
  • Templates for step-by-step instructions
  • Manage brand and CI/CD content
  • Video streaming, subtitles and translations
  • AI based DSGVO detection
  • Access, role and rights management

StoryBox Loop

Work across teams on shared video projects. Create collaborative videos for your customers and employees, regardless of time and place.


Screen Recording

Create and share product explanations, reports, trainings, company news with ease using screen recording and screen capture.


StoryBox Studio

Create, edit and share your video projects. Easy as pie and without software installation with all the strengths of StoryBox. An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.


Share immediately.
Watch everywhere.

Whether you want your video message to be seen by clients, colleagues or the whole world: StoryBox is the easiest way to share, stream and manage video content online in a secure and DSGVO compliant way.

  • StoryBox videos save time. Unnecessarily long text emails, video calls and documentation are replaced by asynchronous video communication that can be accessed anywhere.
  • StoryBox videos are emotional, authentic and increase the visibility, attention and reach of your corporate communication.
  • StoryBox videos communicate your corporate culture and values efficiently and sustainably

Use Cases

StoryBox is the SaaS solution to successfully use video communication in your company. Inspire customers, applicants and colleagues and easily create videos that convince and inspire – in no time at all.

  • Recruiting & Active Sourcing
  • Employer Branding
  • Internal Communication
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Knowledge Transfer & Documentation


Video communication is easier and faster than email and less complicated than video meetings. Increase your team’s creativity and productivity. Discover the power and diversity of StoryBox:

  • Collaboration
  • Know-How Protection
  • DSGVO-compliant and secure
  • Roles and rights management
  • Template-based video creation
  • CI and Brand Management
  • Video Streaming


With StoryBox you can create video messages easily and quickly.


Share your video with customers and staff using your smartphone or desktop.


StoryBox is collaborative, brand compliant and legally secure.

These successful companies use StoryBox:


Teamübergreifendes Arbeiten an gemeinsamen Video-Projekten

Know-How Protection

Integrated compliance management in content creation

DSGVO-compliant and secure

Server location in Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Roles Rights Management

Definition of roles, rights and release rules

Template-based video creation

Application-specific templates guide the user

CI and Brand Management

CI-compliant communication thanks to brand-appropriate definition of corporate identity

Video Streaming

Integrated streaming of video content from StoryBox Cloud for instant availability and sharing