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StoryBox is the B2B SaaS solution to successfully use video communication in your company. Inspire customers, applicants and colleagues and create videos that convince and inspire with ease.

An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces. Simple and secure on one platform.

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Video creation without StoryBox

  • Time- and cost-intensive process for content and StoryBoard creation in video projects
  • After completion of a video project, it is only possible to create further variants with additional effort
  • Videos have to be uploaded to all channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram) in a cumbersome way in order to share them
  • Videos are not accessible to all employees or are not pre-filtered and stored according to the user’s needs
  • Videos are recorded with a camera or smartphone, then checked and edited in a time-consuming process
  • Image and video material must be documented with declarations of consent


Video creation with StoryBox

  • Create templates and step-by-step instructions for your employees
  • Ensure your brand presence thanks to fully integrated CI and brand management
  • Share your finished videos instantly with video streaming from the StoryBox Cloud
  • Define user rights and role management for your own unique sharing arrangements
  • Create video via smartphone app or screen recording – suitable for your use case
  • Be on the safe side with AI-based DSGVO face recognition


StoryBox Loop

Work across teams on shared video projects. Create collaborative videos for your customers and employees, regardless of time and place.


Screen Recording

Create and share product explanations, reports, trainings, company news with ease using screen recording and screen capture.


StoryBox Studio

Create, edit and share your video projects. Easy as pie and without software installation with all the strengths of StoryBox. An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.


Uniform & CI-compliant

Generate a CI-compliant look and present your brand consistently in all videos. Manage your fonts, colour, logos, animations and much more with StoryBox. Templates and assets can be created and managed thanks to convenient user administration.

  • Create your story and template for your individual needs
  • Access different templates, suitable for your use case
  • Choose the right music from our extensive, licensed music library
  • Add lower third, interludes, intros, outros and company logo to your video
  • Select the appropriate elements from your own and CI-compliant design templates


Step by step with Guided Templates

StoryBox provides step-by-step instructions and customisable video templates so that all users can get started immediately and create high-quality video content for your business or clients.

  • Allow all users to create and share videos specifically for your needs, thanks to Guided Templates.
  • Save time on supervision for a video creation by providing targeted guidance to your employees in the app
  • Provide your colleagues with music, graphics, transitions and interstitial sequences with ready-made templates
  • Encourage creativity while ensuring your brand presence with the right amount of presets
  • StoryBox automatically generates square, portrait or landscape videos – optimised for any channel (e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube)

Rights and role management

With the user-friendly rights and role management, you can also map your company structure in StoryBox. The convenient BackEnd allows you to set up and organise read and write rights at user and team level in a scalable way.

  • Create users and teams easily, independently and without external help.
  • Assign video projects to individual users and teams as required.
  • Manage and organise your individual authorisation system for your users
  • Create assets, such as images, fonts, belly bands, templates, especially for user groups
  • Ensure your external appearance thanks to CI templates for assigned users

These successful companies use StoryBox:

StoryBox Loop
Create videos collaboratively

Whether you’re in the office, from your home office or anywhere else, StoryBox Loop lets you edit, create and share video projects with your colleagues and partners – quickly, guided, collaboratively.

  • Generate and create video projects together as a team, regardless of location.
  • Assign individual scenes including notes and instructions to colleagues and partners
  • Notify all project members via push notification and/or email
  • Receive all scenes to be edited as well as finished scenes in real time and without loss of time
  • Share scenes and your video project is immediately available for sharing

StoryBox Studio
Web editor for your templates

The StoryBox Studio allows you to edit your video projects intuitively, directly and comfortably in the browser. Thanks to our fully integrated video editing software, you can access the entire content and customise and refine your stories and projects.

  • Edit your video projects and templates for your individual needs
  • Easily add text, interstitials, lower third or transitions to your video
  • Access our royalty-free library of fonts, music titles and templates
  • Use all the features of the StoryBox app, such as StoryBox Loop, Guided Templates and Brand Manager
  • Use all the features of the StoryBox app, such as StoryBox Loop, Guided Templates and Brand Manager

Screen Recording

Stand out in information delivery with impressive and memorable screen recordings. Mit Screen Recordings sparen Sie sich und Ihren Empfängern Zeit bei der Erstellung sowie Verarbreitung von Informationen.

  • Teilen Sie Ihre Aufnahmen via eigener Landingpage – sofort und vollautomatisiert
  • Präsentieren und Erklären Sie Ihre Produkte und Leistungen mit Screen Recording
  • Geben Sie Ihren Kunden und Kollegen Feedback bei Projekten, Problemstellungen und Fragen (FAQs)
  • Informieren Sie Mitarbeiter über neuesten Systemänderungen, Richtlinien oder Aktionen in Ihrem Unternehmen
  • Nehmen Sie Schulungen, Einführungen oder Teile des Onboarding per Bildschirmaufnahme auf und stellen diese jederzeit zur Verfügung


Teamübergreifendes Arbeiten an gemeinsamen Video-Projekten

Know-How Protection

Integrated compliance management for content creation

DSGVO-compliant and secure

Server location in Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Roles Rights Management

Definition of roles, rights and release rules

Template based video creation

Application-specific templates guide the user

CI & Brand Management

CI-compliant communication thanks to brand-compliant definition of corporate identity

Video Streaming

Integrated streaming of video content from StoryBox Cloud for instant availability and sharing