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StoryBox is the key to making recruiting compelling and personal. Engage candidates with recruiting videos and build personal contact throughout the recruiting process.

An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Recruiting without StoryBox

  • Your message appears in the recipient’s inbox like any other email or XING/LinkedIn message
  • Talent you discover hardly reacts or responds to long text messages
  • Too few candidates apply to your online job ads, despite increasing staffing needs
  • It is harder than ever to stay in touch and build a relationship with candidates

Recruiting with StoryBox

  • Stand out to potential new recruits with engaging and memorable video messages
  • Increase response rates, booked meetings and your visibility
  • Increase application rates and replace long text in your job descriptions with video
  • Show your personality to create a visual connection and build trust

These successful companies use StoryBox:

Simple Video Creation

With StoryBox you create videos that are convincing, expressive and emotional – and in no time at all.

Advantages of StoryBox:

  • Easily create recruiting videos using your smartphone or web app.
  • Share your videos instantly and at any time with candidates and talent via social media or email
  • Easily add your logo, music, lower third, subtitles and translations to your video
  • Inspire candidates visually with your employer brand thanks to CI-compliant design templates
  • Pre-designed templates provide step-by-step instructions for easy video creation
  • With StoryBox you are always on the safe side thanks to AI-based DSGVO detection

Convincing Talents

Create video messages that stick in active sourcing with StoryBox and communicate more innovatively – without long text messages.

  • Post short video content on your social media channels
  • Involve your employees in the creation and sharing of recruiting videos
  • Send direct video messages via LinkedIn message, XING message or email
  • Increase the awareness and reach of your job offers especially among passive talents


Engage Candidates

Build a trusting relationship with your candidates during the application process. With appreciative video messages, recruiters and departments can easily and quickly inspire applicants for your company.

  • Inform talents more personally about the vacancy with a video message, telling them about projects, challenges and team structure
  • Always keep candidates informed via video messaging and report on any progress in the application process via video message.
  • Thank candidates together via video after a job interview or telephone interview – ideally with the colleague from the specialist department.
  • Ask talented people to send in an application directly via video and show them a sympathetic and appreciative image of your company.


Increase Application Rate

Move to video job ads with StoryBox and increase not only visitor dwell time on your website and career section, but also application rates to your online job ads by presenting your company with images and sound.

  • Use video as your communication tool for job postings and allow applicants to dispense with long text modules
  • Tell short stories about your company, e.g. by presenting employee benefits, social projects or mentoring.
  • Show yourself as an employer in a transparent and approachable way, e.g. by filming small office tours or presenting your company premises together with other colleagues.
  • Encourage candidates to find out more about your company and highlight other vacancies, job alerts and your talent pool.


Optimise Onboarding

Onboarding videos provide new team members with the most important information and initial briefings. This makes the introduction to the new workplace more pleasant and efficient. All this is done collaboratively in the team, whether remotely or in the office.

  • Welcome new team members with a team video – whether together from the office or home office – thanks to StoryBox your video becomes the first welcome gift
  • Create a welcome video with your management and thus convey your company values to new colleagues in a personal, appreciative and direct way.
  • Produce instructions as well as introductions for the first days of work and thus save support time and ensure the quality of information.
  • Screen recordings make it easy to record tutorials, how-to videos or trainings, share them and easily make them available on your information platforms, such as intranets for your new employees.



With StoryBox you can create video messages easily and quickly.


Share your video with employees and candidates using your smartphone or desktop.


StoryBox is collaborative, brand compliant and legally secure.


Working across teams on joint video projects

Know-How Protection

Integrated compliance management in content creation

DSGVO-compliant and secure

Server location in Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Roles Rights Management

Definition of roles, rights and release rules

Template based video creation

Application-specific templates guide the user

CI & Brand Management

CI-compliant communication thanks to brand-compliant definition of corporate identity

Video Streaming

Integrated streaming of video content from StoryBox Cloud for instant availability and sharing

In the midst of Megatrends

With StoryBox, you can equip your company for the future. From NewWork to knowledge culture and connectivity to individualisation: thanks to StoryBox, current megatrends are no longer on your to-do list. With video communication, you are already in the thick of things.

Corporate Culture

A well-communicated corporate culture is one of the most important success factors today and in the future and is indispensable for attracting and retaining employees. StoryBox is the communication tool to achieve your goals in this area.

Remote Work

Whether in the office, home office, a third place or even in another country, StoryBox is the right piece of the puzzle for your communication strategy. With StoryBox, you can produce and share asynchronous video messages regardless of time and space.

Human Relations

HR departments of the future are moving towards relationship management. Therefore, internal communication is becoming more and more important for employee retention. StoryBox makes it easier for you to focus more on your employees and their appreciation.