Video for more Leads Prospects Customers Success

StoryBox is the key to making sales more successful and convincing. Address leads, prospects and customers with personal video messages.

An indispensable tool for remote sales.

Sales without StoryBox

  • Your message appears in the recipient’s inbox like any other email or XING/LinkedIn message
  • Contacts you discover hardly ever respond or reply to long text messages
  • Too few leads and prospects respond to your online ads and campaigns
  • It is harder than ever to stay in touch and build a relationship with new and existing customers

Sales with StoryBox

  • Make your mark on prospects and clients with impactful and knowledge-based video messages
  • Increase your visibility, meetings booked and response and bid success rates
  • Increase your inbound leads and replace long texts in your messages and mailings with video
  • Show your personality to create a visual connection and build trust

These successful companies use StoryBox:

Simple Video Creation

With StoryBox you create videos that are convincing, expressive and emotional – and in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of StoryBox:

  • Create sales videos easily with your smartphone or via web application
  • Engage customers with video messages and posts on your social media channels
  • Easily add your logo, music, lower third, subtitles and translations to your video.
  • Pre-made templates provide step-by-step instructions for easy video creation
  • With StoryBox you are always on the safe side with AI-based DSGVO detection

More Leads. More Prospects. More Customers.

Spark curiosity about your services and acquire more quickly, personally and persuasively with StoryBox and video messages, so that more leads respond to your acquisition.

  • Address your prospects even more directly with short video messages on your social media channels
  • Send direct video messages via LinkedIn message, XING message or email
  • Increase awareness and reach of your offers especially with hard-to-reach leads
  • Increase your efficiency in customer care and active sales with video communication.

More Attention for your Offers

Present your products and services via video and increase the attention on all channels many times over.

  • Inform customers and leads about your services, products and offers at any time via video message
  • Increase open rates of mailings and use video messages for an even more convincing customer approach
  • Support your marketing activities with customised video content on all your communication channels, such as social media
  • Produce interesting videos about your services together with your colleagues from Business Development or Product Management.

Optimise Bid Success Rate

With StoryBox, you can explain offers to your customers personally and independently of space and time via video in a contemporary way and noticeably increase the offer success rate.

  • Accompany your offers with an explanatory video by presenting the content of the offer and further process steps.
  • Thank your potential customers after customer appointments or video conferences and draw attention to yourself
  • Ask leads to sign up for campaigns, whitepapers or newsletters on your website directly via video address
  • Save your customers and yourself time and replace long writing and reading emails with asynchronous video messages.

Increase Social Selling

Integrate your social media activities even more into your sales and ignite the sales turbo with video messaging and video posts. With StoryBox, you have the right tool in sales to generate even more visibility in the market.

  • Personalise your customer approach with video messaging via LinkedIn, Xing or email directly to your target group
  • Combine campaigns with video messages about your offers and increase the response rate of your messages
  • Spread news from your company, blog posts or whitepapers with video posts on your social media channels
  • Report on events, trade fairs or new products with a personal video commentary and increase your visibility


With StoryBox you can create video messages easily and quickly.


Share your video with new and existing customers using your smartphone or desktop.


StoryBox is collaborative, brand compliant and legally secure.

In the midst of Megatrends

With StoryBox, you can equip your company for the future. From NewWork to knowledge culture and connectivity to individualisation: thanks to StoryBox, current megatrends are no longer on your to-do list. With video communication, you are already in the thick of things.


Whether it's products, services or marketing content: thanks to big data and algorithms, addressing and offers are becoming more and more tailored to the individual. StoryBox helps to personalise your messages even faster and easier.


Collaboration is the often technically mediated cooperation in teams. In addition to brainstorming and problem solving, the objectives are also the transmission of messages and knowledge. StoryBox is a strong driver here.

Social Selling

Sales are increasingly taking place on the internet. Especially through social selling and the interaction between marketing and sales, customers are addressed more efficiently. With StoryBox, approval and coordination processes are optimised and unleashed.


Working across teams on joint video projects

Know-How Protection

Integrated compliance management in content creation

DSGVO-compliant and secure

Server location in Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Roles Rights Management

Definition of roles, rights and release rules

Template based video creation

Application-specific templates guide the user

CI and Brand Management

CI-compliant communication thanks to brand-compliant definition of corporate identity

Video Streaming

Integrated streaming of video content from the StoryBox Cloud for instant availability and sharing