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StoryBox Loop is the SaaS solution to create and share corporate videos quickly, easily and independent of time and place without external help.

An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Create videos together without StoryBox

  • Shared scenes are merged by experts in an editing program
  • Transferring videos is inconvenient and will be done via cloud, transfer folders or other tools
  • Briefing for video projects is time consuming and will also be done via additional channels and documents
  • Videos are captured by different cameras or smartphones and are inconsistent
  • Only with very complex processes can a data protection compliant creation (incl. consent of the filmed) take place

Create videos together with StoryBox

  • StoryBox Loop fully automatically assembles all scenes into a finished video
  • Easily invite project members to a video project via push notification and/or email
  • Instructions, length, format and/or voice-over are already integrated in the invitation
  • Once a scene has been recorded, StoryBox Loop immediately assigns
  • immediately assigns each video to the appropriate video project
  • Be on the safe side with AI based DSGVO face recognition

These successful companies use StoryBox:

Collaborative video projects

Whether you’re in the office, from your home office or anywhere else, StoryBox Loop lets you use your smartphone or desktop to edit, create and share video projects with your colleagues and partners around the world – quickly, guided, collaboratively.

  • Generate and create video projects together as a team, regardless of location.
  • Assign individual scenes, including notes and instructions, to colleagues and partners
  • Notify all project members via push notification and/or email

Especially for international teams and companies, StoryBox Loop is the perfect solution to establish and scale video communication. die perfekte Lösung, um Video-Kommunikation zu etablieren und skalieren.

Fast and fully automated

StoryBox Loop includes all the advantages of StoryBox and extends the strengths, such as fully automated video rendering, Guided Templates and instant availability of all content thanks to integrated streaming of video content from the StoryBox Cloud with collaboration features.

  • Receive all scenes to be edited as well as finished scenes in real time and without wasting time
  • StoryBox automatically generates square, portrait or landscape videos – optimized for any channel (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube as well as internal channels)
  • Save time on mentoring for a video creation by providing targeted guidance to your employees in the app
  • Integrated streaming of your video content from the StoryBox cloud for instant availability and sharing


Invite colleagues and partners to a joint corporate video project.


Create and merge video recordings easily and quickly with StoryBox Loop


Your collaborative finished video is available instantly and directly from the cloud.

Control centrally.
Participate everywhere.

A particular advantage of StoryBox Loop is the central control and quality assurance of your video projects. Thanks to Guided Templates, CI-compliant graphics and foolproof rights and role management, you can play out your corporate videos centrally and invite and instruct colleagues and partners from all over the world.

  • Allow all users to create and share videos specifically for your needs, thanks to Guided Templates.
  • Save time on mentoring for a video creation by providing targeted guidance to your employees in the app
  • Provide your colleagues with music, graphics, transitions, and cutscenes using pre-built templates
  • Share your footage via your own landing page – instantly and fully automated

Worldwide & safe

The flexibility of asynchronous collaborative video communication in enterprise-wide use is only possible by adhering to the highest security standards. StoryBox is the SaaS solution that guarantees just that.

  • Be on the safe side with AI-based DSGVO face recognition
  • Control your video content thanks to fully integrated compliance management (know-how protection)
  • Independently define user rights, user roles and sharing rules
  • All StoryBox servers are located in Germany, at the Frankfurt am Main site

Right in the middle of the megatrend

With StoryBox, you can equip your company for the future. From NewWork to knowledge culture and connectivity to individualisation: thanks to StoryBox, current megatrends are no longer on your to-do list. With video communication, you are already in the thick of things.


Collaboration is the often technically mediated cooperation in teams. In addition to brainstorming and problem solving, the objectives are also the transmission of messages and knowledge. StoryBox is a strong driver here.

Human Relations

HR departments of the future are evolving toward relationship management. Therefore, internal communication is becoming increasingly important for employee retention. StoryBox makes it easier for you to focus on your employees and their appreciation.

Remote Work

Whether in the office, home office, a third place or even in another country, StoryBox is the right piece of the puzzle for your communication strategy. With StoryBox, you can produce and share asynchronous video messages regardless of time and space.