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StoryBox is the best solution to create and instantly share product explanations, reports, trainings, company news and updates with ease. An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Share information & knowledge without StoryBox

  • Long emails are very tedious to read, are sometimes left or even ignored
  • Updates, news and announcements are very time consuming to create and timeliness suffers
  • Recipients of complex information hardly react to long as well as complex text messages
  • It is more difficult than ever to stay in touch and build a relationship with customers and colleagues
  • Communication goals are often missed due to a wide scope of interpretation

Share information & knowledge with StoryBox

  • Stand out in information delivery with impressive and memorable screen recordings
  • Screen recordings save you and your recipients time in the creation and dissemination of information.
  • Shorten problem-solving and explanation processes with screen recordings and increase their topicality
  • Show your personality to create a visual connection and build trust
  • Communicate more effectively by combining facial expressions, gestures and information in your messages

These successful companies use StoryBox:

One click. Let’s go!

Document know-how more effectively, ready to share immediately, available to all employees.
Easily record your screen directly with just one click, optionally with or without webcam.

  • Select recording area, no matter if screen or single browser window
  • Start recording, with or without camera
  • Ideal for explanations, feedback, reports, presentations and/or updates

Child’s play and proven thousands of times over. Screen recording with StoryBox is intuitive and very easy to use in the browser, so anyone can use it.

Engage customers and unburden support

Videos present content more authentically, emotionally and increase engagement. Share your screen recording easily via link, email or on your own website.

  • Use screen recordings for your customers, e.g. to accompany offers, to prepare appointments or to maintain contact.
  • Present and explain your products and services with Screen Recording
  • Give your customers and colleagues feedback on projects, problems and questions (FAQs)
  • Inform employees about the latest system changes, guidelines or actions in your company
  • Record trainings, introductions or parts of onboarding via screen recording and make them available at any time

Share instantly and don’t waste time

Video-based documenting and explaining saves time and money. All information can be updated at any time, instantly and easily. Ready-made content, such as product explanations, reports, trainings or company news, is completed directly on your (own) server and an individual URL for your video is created automatically.

  • Share your recordings via your own landing page – instantly and fully automated
  • Send your information easily and with just one click via email
  • Distribute important updates on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook
  • Embed your screen recordings on your website
  • Make your screen recordings available on your intranet or customer area

Asynchronous information transfer

The flexibility of asynchronous knowledge transfer improves business communication and increases productivity.

  • Transfer and disseminate your company’s know-how regardless of location and time zones
  • Receive and engage with information whenever you want to
  • Communicate knowledge, news and information worldwide via video to increase proximity and appreciation
  • Make your company knowledge available at any time on your server or landing pages
  • Use visual knowledge transfer and facilitate the reception of information thanks to video


StoryBox Screen Recording lets you create screen recordings easily and quickly.


Share your video with clients and colleagues via link, email, social media or messenger.


StoryBox Screen Recorder streams your video directly from the cloud and is instantly available.

Right in the middle of the megatrend

With StoryBox, you can equip your company for the future. From NewWork to knowledge culture and connectivity to individualisation: thanks to StoryBox, current megatrends are no longer on your to-do list. With video communication, you are already in the thick of things.

Remote Work

Whether in the office, home office, a third place or even in another country, StoryBox is the right piece of the puzzle for your communication strategy. With StoryBox, you can produce and share asynchronous video messages regardless of time and space.


Collaboration is the often technically mediated cooperation in teams. In addition to brainstorming and problem solving, the objectives are also the transmission of messages and knowledge. StoryBox is a strong driver here.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy refers to a confident approach to the challenges of digitality. StoryBox supports the processing of the flood of information and the strengthening of digital togetherness with various functions and features.