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StoryBox Studio StoryBox Studio is the best solution to create, edit, collaboratively produce and instantly share video projects for your business without software installation.

An indispensable tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Create video projects without StoryBox

  • Costly programs and software are needed to create video projects
  • Storyboards and scenes are edited by experts in an editing program
  • Briefing for video projects is time-consuming and is also done through additional channels and documents
  • Retrieval and access to existing video material is decentralized and cumbersome
  • Data protection-compliant creation (including the consent of those filmed) can only be achieved with very complex processes.

Create video projects with StoryBox

  • Easily create, edit and refine your video projects with StoryBox Studio
  • StoryBox Studio fully automatically assembles all scenes into a finished video
  • Shorten problem-solving and explanation processes with screen recordings and increase their timeliness
  • Access all previously created content, such as lower thirds, music and individual scenes
  • Be on the safe side with AI-based DSGVO face detection

These successful companies use StoryBox:

Web editor for your video projects

StoryBox Studio allows you to edit video projects intuitively, directly and comfortably in the browser. Thanks to our fully integrated video editing software, you can access the entire content and customize and refine your stories and projects.

  • Create, edit, and clone your video projects with any number of scenes, logos, music tracks, lower thirds, and transitions.
  • Upload video content or access the content you’ve already created
  • Integrate and refine your corporate video with interstitials and text
  • Change colors and fonts to match your corporate design
  • Edit scenes with filter functions or trim your videos to the perfect length

Video Communication 4.0

StoryBox Studio makes it a snap to create and refine video projects. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, our web editor empowers you to rethink, establish and experience video communications – quickly, guided, collaboratively.

  • Create video messages for customers, applicants, partners and employees
  • Produce your corporate or image film with StoryBox Studio
  • Accompany your customer communication with high-quality videos on all social channels
  • Inspire with customer and company presentations via video
  • Share internal news and updates with video communication within your company

Fast and fully automated

StoryBox Studio includes all the advantages of StoryBox and extends the strengths, such as fully automated video rendering, guided templates and instant availability of all content thanks to integrated streaming of video content from the StoryBox Cloud with functions of an editing program.

  • Receive all scenes to be edited as well as finished scenes in real time and without wasting time
  • StoryBox automatically generates square, portrait or landscape videos – optimized for any channel (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube as well as internal channels)
  • Save time on mentoring for a video creation by providing targeted guidance to your employees in the app
  • Integrated streaming of your video content from the StoryBox cloud for instant availability and sharing

Central and secure control

Another advantage of StoryBox Studio is central control and quality assurance of the highest security standards. Thanks to Guided Templates, CI-compliant graphics and DSGVO, rights and role management, you can play out your corporate videos centrally and invite and instruct colleagues and partners from all over the world.

  • Enable all users to create and share videos targeted to your needs, thanks to Guided Templates.
  • Provide your colleagues with music, graphics, transitions, and cutscenes with pre-built templates
  • Be on the safe side with AI based DSGVO face recognition
  • All StoryBox servers are located in Germany, at the Frankfurt am Main site


With StoryBox Studio you’ll create diverse video projects easily, quickly and individually.


Easily invite and record colleagues to video projects with StoryBox.


StoryBox Studio is collaborative, brand compliant and legally secure.

Right in the middle of the megatrend

With StoryBox, you can equip your company for the future. From NewWork to knowledge culture and connectivity to individualisation: thanks to StoryBox, current megatrends are no longer on your to-do list. With video communication, you are already in the thick of things.

Remote Work

Whether in the office, home office, a third place or even in another country, StoryBox is the right piece of the puzzle for your communication strategy. With StoryBox, you can produce and share asynchronous video messages regardless of time and space.


Collaboration is the often technically mediated cooperation in teams. In addition to brainstorming and problem solving, the objectives are also the transmission of messages and knowledge. StoryBox is a strong driver here.

Corporate Culture

A well-communicated corporate culture is one of the most important success factors today and in the future and is indispensable for attracting and retaining employees. StoryBox is the communication tool to achieve your goals in this area.